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Protecall enhances new and existing HVAC systems to help them last longer and operate more efficiently, with a focus on delivering value to the end customer.

HVAC Energy Reduction

Protecall Coatings Reduces the Impact of the Environment on HVAC Operation

Protecall's energy coatings reduce the surface temperature of applied surfaces to within 5-8 degrees of ambient.  This can be a reduction of 10-40 degrees, resulting in equipment cycling less frequently and cooler air being delivered to the occupied space.  Energy reduction from 8 to 18% has been measured.

Super Therm’s patented blend of ceramic compounds reject up to 95% of surface heat load from being absorbed.  Cooler surface temperatures reduce operational demands.

Microguard coated coils have demonstrated reduced enegy consumption by returning performance back towards original design specifications.

HVAC Energy Solutions

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  • SuperTherm


    SuperTherm's blend of ceramics were selected to reject the ambient heat load from UV, Visible, and IR wavelengths. Application results in a significant reduction in surface temperature. Energy reduction from 8 to 18% has been measured.

  • MicroGuard


    MicroGuard AD-35 locks in the clean state of the coil at the time of the application. Reduced energy consumption results, which is maintained along with the integrity of the coil. Energy reduction from 9 to 14% has been measured.

  • Atmos-Air


    HVAC Systems typically consume the majority of a buildings total energy usage. Because of tight building envelopes outside air has to be introduced per building code (ASHRAE 62) to  provide acceptable air quality. Atmos-Air may allow for reduction of outside air requirements.

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