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Protecall enhances new and existing HVAC systems to help them last longer and operate more efficiently, with a focus on delivering value to the end customer.

HVAC Corrosion Protection

Protecall Coatings Save Coils and Cabinets from Corrosion.

Protecall’s HVAC Coil Coatings range from 6 microns to 1 mil in thickness while providing exceptional corrosion protection, reducing preventative maintenance with a neutral to energy reducing impact.   

Traditional HVAC/R Coil Coatings are intended to protect coils against corrosion and premature life cycle failure while maintaining the systems design.  Unfortunately, traditional coil coatings range from 2-12 mils thick, creating a insulating barrier to heat transfer efficiencies while disrupting laminar airflow over the fins and forgoing the system design efficiencies.  Their design also provides an organic food source for mold growth.

Protecall's HVAC Cabinet Coatings offer solutions   based upon the customers needs for performance and aesthetics, in harsh environments.

HVAC Corrosion Solutions

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  • MicroGuard


    MicroGuard AD-35 is a siloxane (glass-like) coating that covalently bonds to copper and aluminum coils.  AD-35 defends against the environment while allowing the coil to operate efficiently.  It is in-organic and does not break down under UV exposure.  

  • Rust Grip

    Rust Grip

    Rust Grip® is a one-coat, patented encapsulation system.  This moisture-cured polyurethane coating has been successful at protecting HVAC equipment in the harshest environments: seacoast, chemical, and waste water treatment plants to name a few.

  • Aqua Aero

    Aqua Aero

    Protecall’s newest HVAC corrosion protection system continues to push coil coating technology into the future with a waterborne coating that is tough enough for the harshest environments while also being environmentally friendly.

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