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Air Purification Solutions

Actively Enhance Your Facilities Air with Atmos-Air Bi-Polar Ionization

Atmos-Air Solutions present a revolutionary technology that can quickly enhance your  facility with crisp clean air, using nature’s own cleaning method, Bi-Polar Ionization. This technology uses negative and positive ions (activated oxygen clusters) that interact with contaminants to actively reduce particulates, VOC’s, odors, airborne bacteria and germs. 

The proprietary science behind this innovation is a proven economical, efficient purification treatment for indoor air. AtmosAir Systems significantly reduce a multitude of airborne contaiminants.

Atmos-Air Solutions

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  • Atmos-Air Portable

    Atmos-Air Portable

    Portable unit with fan and filter that can be placed on a flat surface. Ideal for applications where a central HVAC system is unavailable such as offices, trash and compactor rooms, classrooms, restaurants, nursing homes, childcare facilities, locker rooms and beauty and nail salons.

  • Atmos-Air Integrated

    Atmos-Air Integrated

    Integrated systems utilize the current HVAC system to distrubte the Bi-Polar ions to the occupied space. Systems are installed supply side of the air flow and sized based upon the airflow distribution, intensity of the contaminant, volume of the occupied space, and air flow serving the facility. 

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