Protecall Crawlspace

The Healthy Crawl Space

Until Hurricane Sandy many homeowners had never been in their crawl spaces, let alone consider their effect on a healthy home

The tidal surge and floodwaters of Hurricane Sandy have completely enveloped crawl spaces, basements and even first floor living spaces of homes throughout NY, NJ, CT and DE. In addition to seawater, the floodwaters included oil, gas, garbage and raw sewerage that now linger in homes after the water has receded, creating health concerns for all that were affected.

healthy002Your crawlspace is an integral component of both the structural integrity and the overall health of your home.  Basements and crawl spaces are the foundation of the home and are built in different forms.  They range from complete masonry structures that include full height walls, poured concrete floors over gravel and moisture barriers, to crawl spaces that are only a few inches high and have nothing more than a sand or dirt floor with no moisture barriers or structural floor base.  Regardless of the structural type, many of a home’s major mechanical systems are located or run through the basement and crawl space.


 HVAC air handlers and duct work that clean, condition and redistribute air throughout your home
 Sewer and electrical services

healthy003All these can be found in the crawl space as well as any personal items that may be stored there.  Any air that runs through or any items that are moved from un-sanitized crawl spaces are capable of carrying and cross contaminating an entire building or home with mold spores, bacteria and mildew.

It is recommended that all systems, insulation, duct work, sheetrock and personal belongings are removed and discarded or sanitized before any remediation begins to prevent cross contamination.

Protecall’s “Basement and Crawl Space System” remediates the mold bacteria and debris left behind from a flood event in a healthy and environmentally safe process that provides homeowners, landlords and tenants peace of mind for years to come.