Protecall Cool Roof System

Protecall Renovates Leaking Roof For National Retailer In Preparation For Winter Storms

Protecall has completed the first of many Roof Renovations for national retailer in preparation for the upcoming winter weather.  National retailers throughout the country are often challenged with managing numerous roofs that have been installed at different times, with a multitude of systems in varying climates with unique weather considerations.

Protecall’s Fluid Applied “Waterproof” Cool Roof System is proven effective in both the northern climates with leaks associated with snow, rain & ice damming as well as in southern climates and the challenges that arise from the extreme temperatures and solar deterioration.

Protecall provides national facility managers a Roof Asset Management Program that can provide “Same-Day Waterproofing Repairs” as well as “Fully Warranted Monolithic Systems” with compatibility…

  • Over Asphalt Systems
  • Over Single Ply Systems
  • Over Modified Bitumen Systems
  • Over Spray Foam Systems
  • New Green / Garden Roofs
  • Metal Duct/ Mechanical Restoration

Protecall’s Fluid Applied Cool Roofs reduce energy costs and HVAC loads, are certified environmentally safe, carry a Class A fire rating, and can be applied over most existing roof systems.  Our cool roof system is ASTM-certified as a moisture and air barrier, applied in one application that lasts 20+ years. 

Protecall uses Super Therm®, the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market, a patented blend of ceramic compounds that has the ability to block and reflect 95% of surface heat load from being absorbed by the surface it is covering, equivalent to 6-8 inches of traditional insulation. Typically, through the application of Super Therm®, the surface temperature of conventional roof surfaces are 20-50% lower, resulting in energy savings with ROI’s of less than 2 years.  

For more information about Protecall’s Fluid Applied Cool Roof Systems or other cost effective Energy Saving Coatings including: Field Applied Coil Restoration & Protective Coatings, Ceramic Insulation Coatings, Rust Encapsulation & Protection or Air Purification please call Protecall at 888-345-8378