Protecall Coatings HVAC Newark City

Protecall Refurbishes Newark City Hall HVAC Equipment

Protecall Coatings has begun an On-Site Cleaning, Refurbishment and Preservation of the HVAC equipment at Newark City Hall. There are over 30 package and split condenser units that have been replaced at different times over the past several years.  Through normal use in a high-traffic, city environment that is nearby to Newark International Airport and within 5 miles of Port Newark, HVAC equipment can deteriorate prematurely and rapidly lose efficiency.

Protecall Coatings has a unique Field Applied Coil Restoration Program that can rejuvenate existing HVAC equipment and arrest it’s deterioration whileProtecall Coatings HVAC Newark City increasing their efficiency up to 15%.

The Field Applied Application includes:

  • The removal of the fan and cabinet to provide access to the coil for a deep power washing and cleaning of the coil
  • The coil cleaning ensures the removal of debris, salt corrosion, carbon build-up and pollution to prepare the coil to for proper coating adhesion.
  • Once cleaned and prepped, the equipment is re-assembled and put back into operation so that the fan can assist in complete drying of the unit.
    • This process does not interfere with normal HVAC operation and can therefore be done during normal business hours.
  • After the unit is dried it is dismantled again to provide access for the coating process
  • The coil in then spray coated with a MicroGuard siloxane coating coil coating that provides a glass-like protective coating which dries to less than .05 mil DFT (dry film thickness).
  • The units are then re-assembled and put back into operation.

MicroGuard Coil Coatings have proven on thousands of applications to:

  • Preserve the coil from future corrosion
  • Increase the Laminar Airflow across the coils
  • Increase the efficiency of the unit up to 15%
  • Not interfere with the heat transfer of the HVAC equipment.

For more information about Protecall’s Field Applied Coil Restoration Program or other cost effective Energy Saving Coatings including: Fluid Applied Cool Roofs, Ceramic Insulation Coatings, Rust Encapsulation & Protection or Air Purification please call 888-345-8378