Protecall HVAC Coatings

Protecall HVAC Coatings Protect 4 500 Ton Chillers Prior To Installation

Protecall Coatings unloads one of four, 500 ton air-cooled chillers that will have the condenser coils and the exterior cabinets protected with MicroGuard HVAC coatings.

Building managers, mechanical contractors and engineers agree that any preventative measures that can be taken to extend the useful life and reduce maintenance costs of HVAC equipment is money well spent. Most of the HVAC equipment for buildings in the US is located outdoors (either on the roof or on the ground).  Their efficiency useful life is greatly affected premature deterioration, corrosion and caustic chemicals used to clean and maintain condenser coils.

The HVAC condenser coil is a critical heat transfer component of any DX cooling system and any compromise of laminar airflow through the coils can have a significant impact on its efficiency. Protecall’s application of a super thin MicroGuard siloxane HVAC coil coating insures maximum laminar airflow and corrosion protection over the life of your equipment.

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