Protecall HVAC Coing Coating

Energy Savings & Corrosion Protection Without Breaking The Bank

The US is already seeing record breaking heat throughout most of the country. TYPICAL SEASONAL MAINTENANCE IS NOT ENOUGH…for many older HVAC equipment to handle the record setting heat that is occurring in most of the US.

Power washing condenser coils, changing the air filters and adding a little freon to your air-cooler package units in preparation for the summer’s air conditioning season is the standard practice for most facility managers and building owners …but that is not enough. hvac4 Air-cooler package units rely on outdoor air to cool the condenser coils which is then transferred to the evaporator coils. Facility managers, building owners and mechanical contractors throughout the world are incorporating Protecall’s “field-applied coil coating” into this year’s start-up regimen. Protecall’s coatings can be applied to preserve and protect new equipment or applied to existing equipment to “rejuvenate” existing equipment to reduce energy consumption, protect from future corrosion and deterioration & extend the useful life of both evaporator and condenser coils. Protecall’s energy saving coatings add value to your units in 2 ways: First, we protect the coils and reduce the rate of surface loss. With the higher efficiency ratings of today’s unit, square inches of coil surface area are critical to maintain efficiency ratings. Minor losses result in severe efficiency losses. Second, we minimize the friction loss ratios through the coils. Again much of the efficiency ratings of a system are based on the design friction loss through both the condenser and evaporator coils. Through our premier coating product and nominal mil thickness, we offer one of the best surfaces to enhance smooth laminar airflow through the coils. This reduces fan horsepower requirements and fan amperage draw, which is a cube factor of horsepower requirement. Small static pressure drop changes can result in substantial energy savings in fan horsepower. Engineering studies have shown that evaporator fan horsepower is typically 1/3 of the entire cooling system energy cost. For more information about Protecall and other energy saving solutions please call John Kish at 888-345-8378 or visit our HVAC/R Coil Coatings page.