Protecall Custom HVAC Coatings

Custom HVAC Coatings for Coils and Cabinets

Protecall Coatings ships custom painted air-cooled chillers to meet aesthetic design and corrosion protection requirements for Trane client. 

By partnering with HVAC manufacturers, ESCOs and mechanical contractors, Protecall can provide custom colors on cabinets for their customers who value appearance and coil coatings for those who value performance.

Custom coatings are being incorporated into many specifications for exposed mechanical equipment by mechanical engineers and architects. The requirements for HVAC coating range from extreme seacoast coatings with salt spray testing over 10,000 hours to energy saving coatings that reduce external cabinet temperatures as much as 70 degrees.

For over a decade, Protecall Coatings has worked to provide a variety of HVAC coatings including Adsil, MicroGuard, Rust Grip, Super Therm and others. Protecall’s HVAC coatings meet many different specifications including: Coil Coatings for corrosion, mold preventing evaporator coatings, cabinet corrosion protection, energy saving cabinet coatings and custom cabinet colors to meet architectural design specifications.

Call Protecall Coatings for a free estimate for any of your HVAC Coating needs.  888-345-8378.