Protecall Energy Savings in Schools

Affordable Energy Savings in Schools

South Carolina School Building Plant Management Association (SCSBPMA) partnered with the National School Building Plant Management Association (NSBPMA) to host a conference in Myrtle Beach, SC this past spring for School Decision makers to share ways to maintain and upgrade their existing facilities in order to accommodate the predicted population growth, save energy and preserve their existing facilities.

John Kish of Protecall Coatings together with business partner Matt Sweat of Tri-Dim Filter Corp. presented the benefits of Super Therm® and Garna Flex. Super Therm® is  ceramic topcoat manufactured in the USA by Superior Products that is proven to save up to 20% of a buildings energy usage. The patented technology reflects and blocks 97% of the heat that enters a building from the sun while having an emissivity capacity far beyond traditional “Cool Roof” standards.

This is combined with the field and laboratory tested RMI base coat of Garna Flex, which provides up to a 60 mil monolithic, 100% solids, waterproof membrane that can provide 10-15 and 20 year warranties.

“Not having to remove your existing roof and having a new monolithic fluid applied roof system with at 20 year waterproof warranty was of interest to all in attendance” stated Kish.

Our roofing systems are a cost effective way to solve failing roof problems, qualify for LEED points, and is aligned with the “green initiatives” of most schools.

supertherm-big-10-university-2The energy saving features of HVAC Coil Protection and Rejuvenation Coatings were of particular interest to all in attendance. With shrinking budgets and increased energy and maintenance cost saving initiatives in the forefront of every districts directives… the use of coil coatings was rarely recognized as an energy saving initiative. However, Business Administrators agreed that they could easily find money in their current operating budgets to protect and rejuvenate their existing HVAC equipment while obtaining up to 12.5% energy savings and doubling their useful life.

“Everyone was aware that coil coatings are effective in extending the operating life of their HVAC equipment (especially in coastal and rural locations), but very few considered the energy saving benefits that coatings provide” mentioned Sweat. “The ability to field coat to restore and rejuvenate existing HVAC equipment was a real eye opener for many of my customers.”

All of Protecall’s energy saving building solutions presented had historic case studies proving ROI’s (Return on Investment) homedepot1in less than 24 months and years of added energy savings.

Following the conference both Kish and Matt Sweat have scheduled evaluation meetings in many of the school districts that were represented at the conference and look forward to assisting them to save energy and maintain their facilities with the latest and most effective technologies.