Protecall HVAC Coil Coatings

16% Energy Savings From HVAC Coatings On Existing HVAC Systems

Protecall Coatings just competed an HVAC Energy Optimization Retrofit that provides 16% Energy Savings from HVAC Coatings for a premier Office landlord and management company in Southern California.

Building managers and engineers agree that HVAC represents approximately 50% of the energy cost for most commercial and retail buildings throughout the USA. With most of the HVAC equipment being located on the exterior of the buildings (either on the roof or on the ground) their efficiency is greatly affected by solar heat gain and compromised condenser coils that require additional energy to run.

Protecall’s HVAC Energy Optimization Retrofit is a combination of HVAC Coil Coatings and HVAC Ceramic Cabinet and Ductwork Coatings. This is a proven, systematic approach of increasing laminar airflow through your condenser coil and reducing surface the temperature of your equipment and air distribution systems.

The HVAC condenser coil is a critical heat transfer component of any DX cooling system and any compromise of laminar airflow through the coils can have a significant impact on its efficiency. Protecall’s deep cleaning process combined with the application of a super thin MicroGuard siloxane HVAC coil coating insures maximum laminar airflow and corrosion protection over the life of your equipment.

Exterior ductwork and cabinets are massive heat syncs that reduce equipment efficiency in all cooling environments. Exterior HVAC equipment is susceptible to corrosion, air leaks at seems and joints as well as solar heat gain which all adversely affect the efficiency of your HVAC System. Protecall optimizes the efficiency cleans, repairs and coats all exterior surfaces of your HVAC System with Super Therm Ceramic Solar Reflective, energy saving coating that reduces surface temperature to within 10° of ambient temperature.

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