Protecall Protects the USS Intrepid with MicroGuard

Protecall Protects the USS Intrepid with MicroGuard

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum located in the Hudson River has recently installed numerous Mitsubishi ductless HVAC units to provide conditioned air for its visitors. Being located in the water and exposed to jet and helicopter fuel is particularly taxing for any exposed mechanical equipment.

Protecall Coatings and ABCO HVAC Supply worked with the mechanical engineer and contractor to specify MicroGuard Extreme Protection Coil coating to extend the useful life of the HVAC equipment and also increase it’s efficiency.

Aircraft Carrier Intrepid

Launched in 1943, the former aircraft carrier USS Intrepid fought in World War II, surviving five kamikaze attacks and one torpedo strike. The ship later served in the Cold War and the Vietnam War. Intrepid also served as a NASA recovery vessel in the 1960s. It was decommissioned in 1974, and today is berthed on the Hudson River as the centerpiece of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of history, science and service as related to its home aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid, a National Historic Landmark. As you explore the Museum you will be able to examine original artifacts, view historic video footage and explore interactive exhibits.

Protecall Coatings has been providing HVAC Coil Coatings, Corrosion Protective Coatings, Energy Saving Coatings and Cool Roof Coatings that are all “Made In the USA” for over a decade. For more information about Protecall Coatings please call 888-345-8378, visit our website, or join our mailing list.

Protecall Custom HVAC Coatings

Custom HVAC Coatings for Coils and Cabinets

Protecall Coatings ships custom painted air-cooled chillers to meet aesthetic design and corrosion protection requirements for Trane client. 

By partnering with HVAC manufacturers, ESCOs and mechanical contractors, Protecall can provide custom colors on cabinets for their customers who value appearance and coil coatings for those who value performance.

Custom coatings are being incorporated into many specifications for exposed mechanical equipment by mechanical engineers and architects. The requirements for HVAC coating range from extreme seacoast coatings with salt spray testing over 10,000 hours to energy saving coatings that reduce external cabinet temperatures as much as 70 degrees.

For over a decade, Protecall Coatings has worked to provide a variety of HVAC coatings including Adsil, MicroGuard, Rust Grip, Super Therm and others. Protecall’s HVAC coatings meet many different specifications including: Coil Coatings for corrosion, mold preventing evaporator coatings, cabinet corrosion protection, energy saving cabinet coatings and custom cabinet colors to meet architectural design specifications.

Call Protecall Coatings for a free estimate for any of your HVAC Coating needs.  888-345-8378.

Protecall HVAC Coil Coatings

16% Energy Savings From HVAC Coatings On Existing HVAC Systems

Protecall Coatings just competed an HVAC Energy Optimization Retrofit that provides 16% Energy Savings from HVAC Coatings for a premier Office landlord and management company in Southern California.

Building managers and engineers agree that HVAC represents approximately 50% of the energy cost for most commercial and retail buildings throughout the USA. With most of the HVAC equipment being located on the exterior of the buildings (either on the roof or on the ground) their efficiency is greatly affected by solar heat gain and compromised condenser coils that require additional energy to run.

Protecall’s HVAC Energy Optimization Retrofit is a combination of HVAC Coil Coatings and HVAC Ceramic Cabinet and Ductwork Coatings. This is a proven, systematic approach of increasing laminar airflow through your condenser coil and reducing surface the temperature of your equipment and air distribution systems.

The HVAC condenser coil is a critical heat transfer component of any DX cooling system and any compromise of laminar airflow through the coils can have a significant impact on its efficiency. Protecall’s deep cleaning process combined with the application of a super thin MicroGuard siloxane HVAC coil coating insures maximum laminar airflow and corrosion protection over the life of your equipment.

Exterior ductwork and cabinets are massive heat syncs that reduce equipment efficiency in all cooling environments. Exterior HVAC equipment is susceptible to corrosion, air leaks at seems and joints as well as solar heat gain which all adversely affect the efficiency of your HVAC System. Protecall optimizes the efficiency cleans, repairs and coats all exterior surfaces of your HVAC System with Super Therm Ceramic Solar Reflective, energy saving coating that reduces surface temperature to within 10° of ambient temperature.

Call Protecall Coatings to arrange for a free Energy Saving audit of your existing HVAC equipment and to see how our Energy Saving HVAC Coatings can help you save money today. 888-345-8378.

Protecall HVAC Coatings

Protecall HVAC Coatings Protect 4 500 Ton Chillers Prior To Installation

Protecall Coatings unloads one of four, 500 ton air-cooled chillers that will have the condenser coils and the exterior cabinets protected with MicroGuard HVAC coatings.

Building managers, mechanical contractors and engineers agree that any preventative measures that can be taken to extend the useful life and reduce maintenance costs of HVAC equipment is money well spent. Most of the HVAC equipment for buildings in the US is located outdoors (either on the roof or on the ground).  Their efficiency useful life is greatly affected premature deterioration, corrosion and caustic chemicals used to clean and maintain condenser coils.

The HVAC condenser coil is a critical heat transfer component of any DX cooling system and any compromise of laminar airflow through the coils can have a significant impact on its efficiency. Protecall’s application of a super thin MicroGuard siloxane HVAC coil coating insures maximum laminar airflow and corrosion protection over the life of your equipment.

Call Protecall Coatings for a quote on any of your HVAC Coil Coating or HVAC Cabinet Coating needs… there is no size of order that we cannot handle 888-345-8378.

Don’t Forget to Ask… about our HVAC Energy Optimization Retrofit for your existing equipment and schedule a Free Energy Saving Audit.

Protecall Cool Roof System

Protecall Renovates Leaking Roof For National Retailer In Preparation For Winter Storms

Protecall has completed the first of many Roof Renovations for national retailer in preparation for the upcoming winter weather.  National retailers throughout the country are often challenged with managing numerous roofs that have been installed at different times, with a multitude of systems in varying climates with unique weather considerations.

Protecall’s Fluid Applied “Waterproof” Cool Roof System is proven effective in both the northern climates with leaks associated with snow, rain & ice damming as well as in southern climates and the challenges that arise from the extreme temperatures and solar deterioration.

Protecall provides national facility managers a Roof Asset Management Program that can provide “Same-Day Waterproofing Repairs” as well as “Fully Warranted Monolithic Systems” with compatibility…

  • Over Asphalt Systems
  • Over Single Ply Systems
  • Over Modified Bitumen Systems
  • Over Spray Foam Systems
  • New Green / Garden Roofs
  • Metal Duct/ Mechanical Restoration

Protecall’s Fluid Applied Cool Roofs reduce energy costs and HVAC loads, are certified environmentally safe, carry a Class A fire rating, and can be applied over most existing roof systems.  Our cool roof system is ASTM-certified as a moisture and air barrier, applied in one application that lasts 20+ years. 

Protecall uses Super Therm®, the most effective and longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market, a patented blend of ceramic compounds that has the ability to block and reflect 95% of surface heat load from being absorbed by the surface it is covering, equivalent to 6-8 inches of traditional insulation. Typically, through the application of Super Therm®, the surface temperature of conventional roof surfaces are 20-50% lower, resulting in energy savings with ROI’s of less than 2 years.  

For more information about Protecall’s Fluid Applied Cool Roof Systems or other cost effective Energy Saving Coatings including: Field Applied Coil Restoration & Protective Coatings, Ceramic Insulation Coatings, Rust Encapsulation & Protection or Air Purification please call Protecall at 888-345-8378

Protecall Coatings HVAC Newark City

Protecall Refurbishes Newark City Hall HVAC Equipment

Protecall Coatings has begun an On-Site Cleaning, Refurbishment and Preservation of the HVAC equipment at Newark City Hall. There are over 30 package and split condenser units that have been replaced at different times over the past several years.  Through normal use in a high-traffic, city environment that is nearby to Newark International Airport and within 5 miles of Port Newark, HVAC equipment can deteriorate prematurely and rapidly lose efficiency.

Protecall Coatings has a unique Field Applied Coil Restoration Program that can rejuvenate existing HVAC equipment and arrest it’s deterioration whileProtecall Coatings HVAC Newark City increasing their efficiency up to 15%.

The Field Applied Application includes:

  • The removal of the fan and cabinet to provide access to the coil for a deep power washing and cleaning of the coil
  • The coil cleaning ensures the removal of debris, salt corrosion, carbon build-up and pollution to prepare the coil to for proper coating adhesion.
  • Once cleaned and prepped, the equipment is re-assembled and put back into operation so that the fan can assist in complete drying of the unit.
    • This process does not interfere with normal HVAC operation and can therefore be done during normal business hours.
  • After the unit is dried it is dismantled again to provide access for the coating process
  • The coil in then spray coated with a MicroGuard siloxane coating coil coating that provides a glass-like protective coating which dries to less than .05 mil DFT (dry film thickness).
  • The units are then re-assembled and put back into operation.

MicroGuard Coil Coatings have proven on thousands of applications to:

  • Preserve the coil from future corrosion
  • Increase the Laminar Airflow across the coils
  • Increase the efficiency of the unit up to 15%
  • Not interfere with the heat transfer of the HVAC equipment.

For more information about Protecall’s Field Applied Coil Restoration Program or other cost effective Energy Saving Coatings including: Fluid Applied Cool Roofs, Ceramic Insulation Coatings, Rust Encapsulation & Protection or Air Purification please call 888-345-8378

Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Law from Staten Islands Steven Matteo to Require Mold-Proof Building Materials

The below article is taken from
By Jillian Jorgensen

CITY HALL – Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a bill from City Councilman Steven Matteo to require mold-resistant building materials in moisture-prone areas of homes – a bill inspired by the soggy aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
“This is an issue I worked on quite a bit, particularly in the aftermath of Sandy, and I think this is a very enlightened piece of legislation to help us get at a problem more fundamentally and more consistently,” de Blasio said before signing the bill in City Hall’s Blue Room.
It’s Matteo’s first piece of legislation to be signed into law. Matteo recalled touring Sandy areas with de Blasio when he was public advocate, and Matteo was a City Council staffer.
“You could see residents bringing out the boards that were wet, dripping, and you knew this wasn’t going to be good going forward, and we had to step up,” Matteo said.
The law changes building codes to require mold-resistant gypsum or cement board in flood-prone parts of homes, and also in areas like bathrooms or around washer dryers, where mold is more likely to grow.
“We’re protecting our housing stock, we’re making more resilient housing, better buildings, in a cost-efficient way, and the most important thing is providing safety for our residents,” Matteo said.
Reducing mold can also help sufferers of asthma, de Blasio said. Childhood asthma and related emergency room visits are three times higher in poorer parts of the city, and “complaints of mold infestation continue to rise.”
The mayor said he himself has asthma.
“Mine is only mild, but I can relate to families faced with asthma and children faced with asthma,” he said. “Anything we can do to reduce the amount of mold is absolutely essential to the families of this city.”
Cecil Scheib of the Urban Green Council spoke in support of the bill.
“When I think about how many kids should be exposed to mold in their homes, of course there’s only one answer — which is zero,” Scheib said.

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Protecall Cool Roof Systems

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems: What are these “Roof Coatings” and What do they do?

In the world of re-roofing, it is often the systems that are the quickest and easiest fixes that are specified and installed.

Typically, this means re-installing the same roof that currently exists which is specified by either a roofer or building contractor and include: single-ply seamed top sheets of either EPDM, TPO or PVC or a total removal and install of a built-up modified bitumen roof system.

fluidapplied02Pinpointing where a roof is failing or a leak is originated from is often the most challenging part of a roof repair. Therefore, new roof systems are installed over the existing roof. Where two or more existing roofs are present, local building codes require the removal of the existing roofs prior to the installation of asphaltic or single ply roll sheet roof systems. Fluid Applied Roof Systems can be installed over two roofs and still provide a full 20-year Waterproof warranty.

Fluid Applied Roofs are Seamless Monolithic Applications with Full System Warranties

fluidapplied03Many roof failures occur where dissimilar materials meet one another at critical locations on a roof including flashings, crickets, drains and equipment curbing locations. These areas of different materials are excluded from manufacturers warranties and only covered by short-term workmanship warranties of 1-2 years. Fluid applied systems use the same materials on the horizontal surfaces as are used to flash all roof penetrations and provide a fully warrantied monolithic system.

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems are Sustainable

image007Roofs do not always need to be torn off when they are reaching the end of their service life. Leaving an existing roof in place is a LEED initiative that reduces the impact on overburdened landfills and the transportation to the landfills. Most roofs fail in localized areas that can be identified by infrared surveys that can be repaired and then sealed with a New Fluid Applied Roof System.

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems are Compatible and Flexible

Fluid applied roofing systems are IBC Regulatory compliant and are compatible for application over most roof systems including: Asphalt, Single-ply, Modified Bitumen, Spray Foam, Metal, and New Green/Garden Roofs. Fluid applied roofing systems are also flexible and can be applied in and around hard to reach areas such as: up walls, up to and around equipment curbs, exhaust fan flashings and under mechanical equipment without disassembling and removing them for roof repairs.

Not All Cool Roofs Are Created Equalimage009

The US DOE, CRRC and Energy Star have determined that Solar Reflective Roof Top Coats “Cool Roofs“ Save Energy and many utility providers provide energy credits for the application of New Cool Roofs. Super Therm® is a patented blend of ceramic compounds that has the ability to prevent, reflect and block 95% of surface heat load from being absorbed by the surface it is covering. Typical energy saving from the application of Super Therm® lowers the surface temperature of conventional roof surfaces 20-50% resulting in energy savings with ROI’s of less than 2 years.

image011I am confident that Fluid Applied Membrane Roof Systems will overtake traditional single-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM & Ballasted) and Built-up (BUR and Modified Bitumen) for re-roof applications. Fluid Applied Roof Systems are now more than the temporary fixes that historic roof coatings provided. Fluid Applied Roof Systems that are fully warrantied, monolithic, integrated roof systems and can be applied over 2 existing roofs will become the roofing system of choice for building owners, facility managers and engineers.

Protecall Energy Savings in Schools

Affordable Energy Savings in Schools

South Carolina School Building Plant Management Association (SCSBPMA) partnered with the National School Building Plant Management Association (NSBPMA) to host a conference in Myrtle Beach, SC this past spring for School Decision makers to share ways to maintain and upgrade their existing facilities in order to accommodate the predicted population growth, save energy and preserve their existing facilities.

John Kish of Protecall Coatings together with business partner Matt Sweat of Tri-Dim Filter Corp. presented the benefits of Super Therm® and Garna Flex. Super Therm® is  ceramic topcoat manufactured in the USA by Superior Products that is proven to save up to 20% of a buildings energy usage. The patented technology reflects and blocks 97% of the heat that enters a building from the sun while having an emissivity capacity far beyond traditional “Cool Roof” standards.

This is combined with the field and laboratory tested RMI base coat of Garna Flex, which provides up to a 60 mil monolithic, 100% solids, waterproof membrane that can provide 10-15 and 20 year warranties.

“Not having to remove your existing roof and having a new monolithic fluid applied roof system with at 20 year waterproof warranty was of interest to all in attendance” stated Kish.

Our roofing systems are a cost effective way to solve failing roof problems, qualify for LEED points, and is aligned with the “green initiatives” of most schools.

supertherm-big-10-university-2The energy saving features of HVAC Coil Protection and Rejuvenation Coatings were of particular interest to all in attendance. With shrinking budgets and increased energy and maintenance cost saving initiatives in the forefront of every districts directives… the use of coil coatings was rarely recognized as an energy saving initiative. However, Business Administrators agreed that they could easily find money in their current operating budgets to protect and rejuvenate their existing HVAC equipment while obtaining up to 12.5% energy savings and doubling their useful life.

“Everyone was aware that coil coatings are effective in extending the operating life of their HVAC equipment (especially in coastal and rural locations), but very few considered the energy saving benefits that coatings provide” mentioned Sweat. “The ability to field coat to restore and rejuvenate existing HVAC equipment was a real eye opener for many of my customers.”

All of Protecall’s energy saving building solutions presented had historic case studies proving ROI’s (Return on Investment) homedepot1in less than 24 months and years of added energy savings.

Following the conference both Kish and Matt Sweat have scheduled evaluation meetings in many of the school districts that were represented at the conference and look forward to assisting them to save energy and maintain their facilities with the latest and most effective technologies.

Protecall Crawlspace

The Healthy Crawl Space

Until Hurricane Sandy many homeowners had never been in their crawl spaces, let alone consider their effect on a healthy home

The tidal surge and floodwaters of Hurricane Sandy have completely enveloped crawl spaces, basements and even first floor living spaces of homes throughout NY, NJ, CT and DE. In addition to seawater, the floodwaters included oil, gas, garbage and raw sewerage that now linger in homes after the water has receded, creating health concerns for all that were affected.

healthy002Your crawlspace is an integral component of both the structural integrity and the overall health of your home.  Basements and crawl spaces are the foundation of the home and are built in different forms.  They range from complete masonry structures that include full height walls, poured concrete floors over gravel and moisture barriers, to crawl spaces that are only a few inches high and have nothing more than a sand or dirt floor with no moisture barriers or structural floor base.  Regardless of the structural type, many of a home’s major mechanical systems are located or run through the basement and crawl space.


 HVAC air handlers and duct work that clean, condition and redistribute air throughout your home
 Sewer and electrical services

healthy003All these can be found in the crawl space as well as any personal items that may be stored there.  Any air that runs through or any items that are moved from un-sanitized crawl spaces are capable of carrying and cross contaminating an entire building or home with mold spores, bacteria and mildew.

It is recommended that all systems, insulation, duct work, sheetrock and personal belongings are removed and discarded or sanitized before any remediation begins to prevent cross contamination.

Protecall’s “Basement and Crawl Space System” remediates the mold bacteria and debris left behind from a flood event in a healthy and environmentally safe process that provides homeowners, landlords and tenants peace of mind for years to come.